Does your home or business premises have a solar system? If so, it’s vital that you keep it maintained and running at an efficient level. Solar panel systems offer a real alternative to grid-based energy. Plus, they boast significant energy bill savings each year.

The trouble is, some people seldom notice when their solar systems fall into disrepair. If your solar system doesn’t work as well as it should, it could end up costing you more money to operate!

The good news is that regular servicing and repairs will minimise the risk of that happening. When it comes to solar repairs in Perth, home and business owners can rely on us.

Why we’re Perth’s premier solar repairs provider

We are one of Australia’s biggest solar system repair specialists! Our certified electricians are both qualified and experienced with solar repairs. Our friendly team will ensure that your solar systems are safe, operational and efficient.

We are members of the Master Plumbers & Gas Fitters Association. Plus, we are also a member of NECA (the National Electrical and Communications Association).

Home and business owners in Perth trust us to take care of their solar system repair needs. We provide a comprehensive range of repair services. Some of the things we can do include:

  • Testing voltage levels;
  • Checking and repairing inverters and isolators;
  • Inspecting, testing and repairing solar panels.

Of course, the above isn’t an exhaustive list of what we do. If you’re based in Perth and need a repair, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Clear and upfront pricing policy

One of the reasons our customers prefer to use us instead of our competitors is down to our pricing policy. We are clear and upfront about what we charge. Plus, we make sure that we can carry out all repairs during the same appointment. What that means is the total repair costs will be low.

Full solar repair assessment

If you’re new to solar energy systems, you might be unsure what needs fixing. Perhaps you’ve just taken over a property in Perth with a solar system. Or you have been unable to diagnose the cause of any faults with it.

We can provide you with a full solar repair assessment service. In a nutshell, this means we can carry out a full and cost-effective diagnostic service.

Our customers find this service ideal for two reasons. First of all, it enables them to learn about the cause of a particular problem. And, second, it’s a good form of preventative maintenance. That’s because it will highlight any areas of concern that need repair in the future. Contact us today to book your full solar repair assessment.

Signs your solar system might need repairing

It’s common for property owners not to notice a problem with their solar systems. There are some obvious signs that one can look out for when determining how well a system is working. Some examples include:

  • The solar inverter is displaying an error code;
  • The solar inverter giving the impression that it’s switched off;
  • Lower than usual energy output on a sunny day;
  • Decreased efficiency since a major hail storm;
  • No solar output is shown on your energy bill.

If one or more of those signs apply to you, give us a call today to book a repair appointment.