The inverter is one of the most important solar power system components as it converts the DC power produced by the panels into AC power for your home to use. It also maximises solar power extraction by selecting the most productive operating voltage for the panels, so it’s very important to select the right inverter for your solar needs.

Inverters are available in a wide range of varieties, as well as different qualities and sizes, of which wall-mounted string inverters that connect to all panels in the solar power system are the most common type. These are very efficient and allow for high design flexibility. Micro inverters are also popular and sit under each solar panel to manage each panel individually. These inverters produce higher energy yields, especially with systems subject to shading.

We also have better quality inverters available which are more reliable, produce greater yields, and come with superior features and longer warranties. Different connectivity options and online management portals are being introduced by manufacturers, with hybrid inverters now also featuring battery connectivity. Our solar power experts can help you select the ideal inverter for your solar power system.