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Affordable Solar Repairs in North Perth

How well have your solar systems been performing lately, North Perth? Any signs of trouble, or does it seem like all systems go? When last did you have them checked properly? If the answer is, “Never” or, “I can’t remember” you could be setting yourself up for an expensive emergency repair later on.

Solar panels and solar hot water systems are pretty hardy, but there is a lot that can go wrong as they age. The surest way to extend their lifespan and ward off trouble is by having professional maintenance carried out once or twice a year.

And, before you say, “That sounds expensive”, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Maintenance checks are something that we offer our clients in the Perth area. We offer affordable rates because we know that it is something that might otherwise be left to slide.

Is the maintenance really necessary? Part of the problem with solar panels and heat pumps, etc. is that they are built to last well. That in itself isn’t the issue; the problem is that they can carry on working even if there is some sort of fault.

It’s just that they’ll have to work harder, which in turn means that they wear out faster. The other part of the problem is that most problems start manifesting as decreased system efficiency. Which is something that you aren’t really going to pick up until it is far advanced.

It might be something as simple as your solar hot water is a degree or two cooler. Changes like that are barely noticeable. The only way to diagnose them is by checking the voltage output of the panels or physically inspecting the components.

Do you have to have a professional to do this? In that respect, solar repairs are a lot like plumbing. There are jobs that are easy enough to do yourself, and others that will end up really expensive to fix if you make a mistake.

The system cost you some money to have put in; it makes sense to get an expert in to check it.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

We are often called in to do health checks for existing systems. We use the most up to date equipment to make sure that your assessment is done perfectly. If there is anything wrong, we will find it. If there isn’t we tell you that flat out.

We don’t need to look for ways to pad our bill, so we don’t fix imagery problems. We understand that the best way to earn our client’s trust is to treat them fairly. As a result, that’s what we do.

The Benefits of Solar in North Perth

We don’t have to go into a long sales pitch when it comes to solar installs. They sell themselves. That said, the primary benefits are:

  • Significant savings in terms of energy costs
  • Clean energy that is better for the environment
  • It improves your property value
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