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Affordable Solar Repairs in Inglewood

Does your home or business in Inglewood rely on solar power? When last did you have your solar hot water systems, like the heat pumps and plumbing, checked? When was the last time that someone got up on the roof to check the solar panels?

If you’ve been letting the maintenance slide a little, don’t worry too much. Not many people understand how important it is to check your solar systems on a regular basis. It’s not a crazy maintenance schedule – all you need to do is a thorough check once a year or after there have been some bad storms.

We offer a full maintenance service for you. Get us out, and our guys will test the system to make sure that it is working as efficiently as possible. It is often not possible to detect decreased efficiency until something goes wrong.

Our electricians, however, can test voltage output and ensure that everything is ticking over properly.

Don’t have a solar system yet? Speak to us about solar installs. We’ll come out and have a look at the size of your home, where it is, etc. to ensure that you get the best possible system for your needs. Installing solar panels requires a bit more finesse than just slapping them up on the roof.

They need to be optimally placed to get the most sunshine and to be as close as possible to the energy storage units.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

If something is not entirely right with your system, give us a call, and one of our qualified electricians will run a complete assessment. By the time our tech is finished, they are going to know everything about your solar system. That way, if there are any errors to find, they will find them.

We take this service very seriously, so we tend to spend a little longer than other companies might. We don’t waste time, but we do want to make sure that we can give you a full report on the status of the system.

That’s the only way for you to make an informed decision about what steps you need to take.

The Benefits of Solar in Inglewood

One of the best things about living in Oz is the weather. In Perth, there is not getting away from it – the weather is gorgeous. As a nation, we’re pretty keen on exploring alternative, clean energy sources, so solar power makes a lot of sense.

While wind turbines also offer clean energy, you need to have quite a bit of space to put one up. If you live in the centre of Perth, this probably isn’t an option. But there is plenty of space that goes to waste on our roofs.

That, and the sunny weather make solar power the best option in most cases. You get electricity that is virtually free and recoup the installation costs in the space of a few years. And you make your kids proud of you for helping to save the planet too. It’s a winning proposal whatever way you slice it.

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Keep Solar Repairs on your speed dial for when you next need an emergency repair. And don’t forget to schedule that annual maintenance as well.