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Affordable Solar Repairs in Hamilton Hill

So, your solar installs are all done, and you are enjoying the benefits of saving all that money on energy costs. All you have to do now is enjoy as much solar hot water as you like and not give your solar systems another thought, right?

Wrong. Solar panels and the heat pumps, plumbing, etc. connected to them require little maintenance. Which means that there is some maintenance required. Getting us in to do the maintenance for you is a sound investment in the care of your solar systems.

Regular check-ups mean that your system is firing on all cylinders and that any small solar repairs can be handled timeously. We’re the best in Perth. We can say that confidently on the back of decades of experience and many satisfied clients.

So, if you are in Hamilton Hill, and you want someone to give your solar system a good going over, we’re the best ones for the job.  We’ll check out the entire system and ensure that it is running at optimal levels. We’ll also do any repairs required.

And, yes, we do charge a call out rate, but it is a reasonable one. Consider it basic insurance – you’ll be able to head off major problems before they get too firmly established and so save money on emergency repair. Speak to us about coming out to do some basic maintenance for you.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

Maybe you are already having issues with the solar-powered systems in your home or office? Bring us in, and we’ll figure out what is wrong nice and quickly for you. All of our electricians are specialists in this field, and they carry the most up to date diagnostic tools.

There isn’t a problem that will be able to hide from them. Once they’ve established what the problem is, they’ll advise you on how to proceed. We will give a quote based on top-quality replacement parts, so we can’t promise that we’ll be the cheapest.

What we can promise is that there are no cheap and nasty parts used by us at all.

The Benefits of Solar in Hamilton Hill

Our weather here is beautiful. Perth is known for its sunny attitude, and its sunny weather as well. Why not take advantage and start saving yourself some serious money? We have the perfect weather to make solar power a viable alternative for homes and businesses.

The big advantage is that it starts saving you money from the day that you have it installed. What about having the power company owing you some money for a change? Or, if you have a smaller system in mind, cutting your energy bill significantly.

It doesn’t get much cleaner than the rays of the sun when it comes to pure energy, so you’ll be doing the planet a favour as well.

Contact Solar Repairs Today

Need more encouragement to make the switch? Give us a call, and we can check if it is a viable option for your home and/ or business. Or, if you have a system already installed, call us if you need some basic maintenance or repairs done. We’re the solar specialists for a reason.