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Affordable Solar Repairs in Claremont

Do you have solar systems installed at your home or business in Claremont? If the answer is, “Yes,” you need to ensure that you have them maintained properly to ensure that they are running as well as they might.

This little bit of preventative maintenance has a dual purpose – it helps the system run better for longer, and it prevents you from being surprised by a high emergency repair bill later. Your solar panels and heat pumps are an investment and maintenance can help you maximize your return.

Why do we recommend that you call us in once a year or so? Because it is hard to notice that something is going wrong with the solar installs at first. The panels start performing less optimally, for sure, but you aren’t really going to notice this until the solar hot water stops flowing.

When it comes to solar repairs, we aren’t going to mince words. We are the best. We know this because we’ve been around for over twenty years and we’ve had to fix many repairs done by less-experienced contractors.

We’re different because we don’t cut corners. We will never use sub-standard parts or slap dash work techniques. Does this mean that we’re the cheapest at first quote? Not usually, but you can rely on us to give you an accurate quote from the outset.

If you want the job done properly the first time, in the time quoted and without the bill mysteriously rising thanks to added expenses, call the best outfit in Perth = Solar Repairs.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

Do you need to know the current state of your entire system? Do you want to make sure that every aspect from the panels on the roof to the plumbing connected to it are in good order? Call us and make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment.

We offer this service to give you a complete picture of what repairs, if any, need to be done. It is a great idea to have this done if you have just bought a property, if you are seriously considering buying a property, or if you are selling a property.

The Benefits of Solar in Claremont

The world’s in trouble. We hear about it every day. But it’s not war or terrorism that are the main problems, scary as they are. Our main problem is global warming. Our liberal use of fossil fuels has actually caused damage to the ozone layer, and we are experiencing climate change as a result.

A lot of damage has already been done, and it’s easy to feel like there is nothing that you can do. But that’s not true – you can change your behaviour today. It might not seem to make much of a difference, but if everyone changed just one thing, we’d be in a much better position.

Switching over to a clean energy source like solar power is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet. With the added benefit that it’s going to save you a lot of money as well.

Contact Solar Repairs Today

Need to discuss switching over to a solar-powered home or business? Or do you need to repair an existing system? Give us a call and let the experts handle it.