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Affordable Solar Repairs in Canning Vale

Hello Canning Vale, how are you today? Are your solar systems behaving themselves? Or are your solar panels in need of a good talking to? If you have been noticing a drop in the efficiency at which your solar hot water is being produced, it is time to give us a call.

We have been helping the Perth community with solar installs and emergency repair for the last twenty years. We have developed a reputation for quality workmanship, and fair dealing.

That’s because we only hire people as passionate about service as we are, and we only use suppliers who produce top quality. It’s a reputation that we are very proud of and one that we take pains to live up to. Call us in to make sure that any solar repairs are done properly the first time around.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

Call us in when your system is giving you grief, or as a preventative measure. We will come in and test all the components to make sure that there are no serious issues. We recommend that you perform maintenance on the cells at least once a year.

That means checking the voltage output and making sure that the components are firing on all cylinders. If you’re not sure what to look for, or you don’t fancy climbing up onto the roof, get us in to do the assessment for you.

We’ll be able to see whether the system needs a bit of tweaking or if there are other issues that need to be addressed. By having these inspections done regularly, you improve the functioning of the system and how long it lasts as well.

The Benefits of Solar in Canning Vale

Maybe you have tried switching to solar power as yet. That’s okay; it can be an investment. But it’s going to be one investment that you are guaranteed a great return on. Take a look at your energy bill every month. There’s no getting away from it, is there?

But that’s one expense that can be done away with fairly simply. Give us a call, and we’ll assess your electricity needs. We can then advise you on the type of system that will work best for your needs.

If your budget is pretty stretched already, you don’t have to convert your home fully. Your heat pump is one of the items in your home that uses a lot of power. Replacing it with a solar-powered model is not that expensive and will allow significant savings in terms of energy usage.

And, while you are saving yourself some hard-earned cash, you can feel smug and superior as well. The sun is a clean source of energy,  so you are doing your part to save the planet as well. Now, doesn’t that feel great?

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Try us out for yourself and see the difference that a passion for excellence makes. We have a team standing by for your call.