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Affordable Solar Repairs in Bibra Lake

Solar systems are extremely low-maintenance, especially when you consider how much work they are expected to do. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of thinking that this means that solar systems can be pretty much ignored once they have been installed.

This attitude is a little short-sighted. The biggest problem with this attitude is that the only signs of problems that you will normally notice are when something stops working. That normally means an expensive emergency repair.

It’s a shame really when you think that all you really need to keep the solar hot water flowing at peak efficiency is a reasonably priced annual inspection. Leave it up to us – we know exactly what to do to ensure that your system stays in peak working order for many years to come.

Think of it as the extended warranty plan on your car – it’s going to cost a little more, but it adds significantly to the car’s useful lifespan.

Of course, if you have let things slide, or the solar panels have become damaged, we’ll help you repair them. Solar repairs are one of the things that the people of Perth have been trusting us with for over twenty years now. So, don’t worry, Bibra Lake, we’ll have you up and running again in no time.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

When you call us in for repairs, our techs will test the entire system to find out where the fault lies. We’ll then discuss with you the best course of action, how long it will take to repair and what it will cost you. We do a complete inspection to make sure that we pick up any faults in the system.

We also offer comprehensive health checks of systems that are still in good working order. This is especially helpful to new property owners or people trying to assess the value of their property when selling.

The full assessment tells you exactly where you stand in terms of system health and performance. While we are there, if we see areas that we can tweak to improve efficiency, we’ll make a note of that as well. Sometimes it is as simple as just adjusting a setting; sometimes it means replacing a part.

We work with only top suppliers to ensure that any systems we install or repair last well.

The Benefits of Solar in Bibra Lake

Don’t have a system in place yet? We handle a range of solar installs. You choose how much you want to be able to disconnect from the power grid. Bring us in to install heat pumps and related plumbing to start saving now, or get us in to do the whole lot for maximum savings over time.

Solar power reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Considering the dwindling amounts of these fuels, it is conceivable that they could run out in our lifetimes. If no alternative energy sources are considered, this is a scary possibility.

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