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Affordable Solar Repairs in Bassendean

If you live in Bassendean, and your solar systems are acting up, let us come in and have a look. We offer comprehensive solar repairs and solar installs. We have a team of electricians that specialize in this area.

We are able to:

  • Test voltage levels,
  • Inspect and repair isolators and inverters,
  • Ensure that solar panels are in good working order,
  • A lot more besides.

We are also experts in solar hot water systems repair and maintenance. We know all the secrets to getting heat pumps in tip top shape again. Need one installed? We can help you with that as well – everything from the pumps and plumbing, through to the solar panels on your roof.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

Call us in, and we’ll get to work on diagnosing the issue for you. We’ve dealt with our share of temperamental systems and will do a complete check so that we detect all possible faults. We’ll give you a full assessment of the problem and let you know what the best solution will be.

From there, we work out our quote to effect repairs. Part of the reason that our assessment is so thorough is that we pride ourselves in giving an accurate upfront quote. Say goodbye to chancers that are always trying to pad the costs – with us you know what you are letting yourself in for.

The Benefits of Solar in Bassendean

Who doesn’t love catching some rays on a sunny day in Perth? While you’re working on your tan, why not give some thought to saving on your electricity or gas bill at the same time? If there is one thing that we aren’t short of here, it’s sunshine.

Why not put the sunshine to good use? You’ll be doing your bit for the environment because solar power is clean and renewable. You’ll also be doing you budget a lot of good too – once the savings start piling up, the initial costs of the install are worked off quite quickly.

From there on out, it’s free electricity for as long as the system is in operation. What’s more, as long as you regularly maintain it, it will last for years. Give us a call to set up an annual maintenance plan or get us out to check if it’s still in good nick after a bad storm. We’ll head off any major problems fast.

You get to boast to your friends about being able to go off the grid and score some serious environmental points as well. You also get to show your mother-in-law how clever you are at saving money.

It’s a win on all fronts.

Contact Solar Repairs Today

Give us a call today. We have expert teams waiting to assist you with all your solar power needs. Whether you need an emergency repair, a simple maintenance visit, or advice on installation, we’re here to assist you.

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial properties, there isn’t a solar situation we can’t handle for you.