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Affordable Solar Repairs in Armadale

Do you have solar panels and a solar system at your office or home in Armadale? Then you’ll already be enjoying the benefits of being able to reduce your dependence on the grid. You get to take advantage of our lovely weather, help the environment and save a few dollars at the same time.

The system is low maintenance and will run for ages without a problem. And that, in itself, is a little bit problematic. People forget to get regular maintenance done because everything is running so well. It’s really only when something goes wrong, and solar repairs need to be done that they think about it.

Why wait until something actually goes wrong to call us in? Let us come in for a quick check once a year, and we’ll make sure that your solar hot water keeps flowing. Regular maintenance checks don’t cost a lot and give you the opportunity to pick up problems early on.

You won’t need to call for an emergency repair and sit without hot water in the interim when your system is properly maintained. Also, proper maintenance will keep it operating at top efficiency and extend its useful lifespan as well.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

Feel free to call us in to check out your system at any time. We’ve been helping Perth residents take full advantage of the sunshine for years now. So, anytime that you have taken over a new property, or you just cannot figure out what is causing the fault, give us a call.

We offer a full-service diagnostic check to ensure that you know exactly what faults, if any, there are. If you know a little about how these panels work, you might be able to fix the fault yourself. If not, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the level of repairs needed.

The Benefits of Solar in Armadale

We touched briefly on this topic earlier on. Let’s take a closer look at those benefits, shall we?

  • You save money: People are amazed at how quickly the savings add up, even with smaller systems like the ones to run heat pumps, for example. Your investment will pay for itself in just a few years and then keep on saving you money.
  • It’s better for the environment: We’re not going to go on about how using fossil fuels is having a devasting impact in terms of climate change. You know all that already. The rays of the sun offer us a clean, completely renewable source of energy that is otherwise mostly wasted.
  • We have the perfect climate for it: There are a few different sources of renewable energy. Unless you have the space to install a huge wind turbine or build a hydro-electric dam, the sun is the best way to go. And isn’t that just perfect for us here in Perth?

Contact Solar Repairs Today

Whether it’s the plumbing associated with your solar systems that needs a quick once over, or you need  solar installs done from scratch, give us a call today and see what we can do for you.